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Editing the Documentary

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from media and technology to Buddhist texts and are downloadable as Word files or Adobe PDF documents. (For Macs: Option+Click. For PC's right click):


What I Learned in a Hut: Notes in the Dark in the Field
(doing ethnographic cinematography)

Read It Quick! Notes on Subtitles and Supers
(placing, timing and coordinating subtitles and superimpositions)

Counting on the Odds
(confrontation between artists and businessmen at the historic 1979 "Electroworks" exhibition at the George Eastman House)

(a romp through the history of visual self-portrayal)

My Summer at Computercamp: Compleat Catalogue De-Raisonne
(issues of digital learning)

Making QTVR Panoramas for Publication on the Web
(complete notes on how to do it)

Information Technology Report, with appendices and budget
(114-page report on implementation of information technology at a college
in six areas: organization and planning, instructional delivery, training and retraining,
networks, administrative services,support services)

Heart Sutra
(translation of the shortest Prajnaparamita sutra within the Mahayana and
Vajrayana Buddhist traditions)

Family Reunions: Some Scenes from Memory
(observing families at the Holocaust Museum while waiting
with our adopted daughter for her first meeting with her birth family)