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the area within this documentary teaching domain where a wide range of practical documentary topics are gathered. These topics are in PDF and Word formats and are downloadable. Click on a topic to go to that topic's homepage. Then follow the directions from there.

Topics include my notes on Eisenstein's montage theories, notes on Edward Dmytryk's rules of editing, tips on documentary proposal writing, tips on the documentary proposal process, notes on the documentary cinematic essay, two examples from the western narrative tradition, practical notes on ethnographic cinematography, practical notes on creating subtitles and superimpositions, practical steps in setting up your first documentary film office, practical ways to determine whether your use of work made by another is "fair use", a list of film budget categories to handle your income and expenses as a documentary filmmaker, a sample edit decision list (EDL), a page from my logbook to use as a template for an editor's daily work diary, and a template to help you think through some of the legal issues about co-authoring a documentary.